You know our hearts beat time out very slowly…

Look at this, I’m already updating! Today was a pretty typical day. I volunteered at the lovely Champaign Library, read some of Michael Crichton’s Timeline (which I’m actually really enjoying!) and did some homework….which I’m still doing, because really, it never ends! But on to the real point of this post!

There are some albums that just stick with you and remain a source of entertainment a comfort. I’m always a little surprised to discover which ones I still like and which ones have become a thing of the past. I’m over R.E.M (good Lord, who ever thought that would happen!?) and The Hold Steady. I still love them, but I not nearly as much. But then there are albums like Neutral Milk Hotel’s Aeroplane Over the Sea that I still love love love love even more than I did the first time I heard it. Wolf Parade’s Apologies to the Queen Mary is another one of those “sticky” albums for me.

I love unpolished sounding music. I love when the singers voice isn’t perfect. I love when there is more than one singer. Steve says that singers like Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug take time to get used to, and he hated Apologies for about a year before he came to the same conclusion that I did the first time I listened: It is a beautiful and moving album.

When I moved here I thought I would want to take the opportunity to listen to new music and find new albums to associate with these months here, but instead I find myself going to the old favorites. There is something comforting about Apologies. I first heard it about three and a half years ago and ever since it’s been in my top 10, currently in my top 5. It’s about light, ghosts, modern life, love and anger and sadness. Okay, most of that applies to pretty much everything I listen to, but it’s different with this one, I swear! When Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts fades into I’ll Believe In Anything it is one of those perfect musical moments when you realize how perfectly put together something is. It’s an album that gives you great images of ghosts, light, hunters and kings.

While writing this I’ve been listening to the album and trying to pick a song to call my favorite. Well, obviously that would be I’ll Believe In Anything, which is probably my favorite “love” song out there. Or there’s Fancy Claps, which believe it or not has clapping. I love clapping! But then I go back to Shine a Light, which is so satisfying to listen to when driving in the car at night and makes me go “YES!” in agreement every time I hear it. When he sings “I’m content, I’m content, I’m content to be quiet” I get chills.

Apologies to the Queen Mary may not be for everyone, I can understand that. Or, like Steve, it might take you a long time to hear it for what it really is (genius). Go find a copy of it and give it a try. Although I do love Wolf Parade’s second album At Mount Zoomer, I don’t think it compares to Apologies to the Queen Mary, so make sure you listen to Apologies first!


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