Things I Miss, Things I Like!

Sorry about he lack of posts this month! I was very busy with break, and catching up from break, and having my family visit! It was a fantastic month, and I had such a good time at home, so thanks everyone who made that possible 🙂

Being home made me think about what I actually miss about home and what I actually like about being here. I’ll start with what I miss about Pennsylvania. I’m not going to include people because it would get a little too lengthy!

Red Beet Eggs

Maaaaan, do I ever miss these! My favorite lunch ever is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a red beet egg, and some orange juice. It just isn’t the same not seeing them at the grocery store! Over the summer I might try to make my own, so if anyone has any tips I would love to hear them!


At home I rarely eat Tastykakes. They’re not very good for you, and the only ones I really love are the butterscotch krimpets. But now that I can’t have them, I WANT THEM. Little Debbies just don’t compare. When Jessie was here last week we went to Cold Stone, and she was trying to describe an ice cream creation she had made that tasted like a Tastykake, but they had no idea what she was talking about. Whenever I talk about home, I always seem to find Tastykakes in the conversation!

Turkey Hill products

When I moved to Lancaster from Berks I missed Clover Farms, but Turkey Hill was just as familiar and good. Being so far from home, I have neither! I miss seeing the “imported from Lancaster County” signs everywhere, and I miss the delicious ice cream!


I really did take my beautiful pennsylvania hills for granted. Driving home it was so good to reach the point where the land wasn’t flat! I hate how flat it is here, and I don’t think I could ever get used to it. There are plenty of farms nearby here, but they’re all so flat and boring… not beautiful like the ones at home. Maybe I’m just being too picky, because really, does a hill matter? But whether it matters or not, I miss my hills!

Things I like about Champaign County

The Cupcake Store!

Cakes on Walnut is adorable, delicious, and like nothing I’ve ever found in Pennsylvania! It’s a fun little place in Downtown Champaign where you can get cupcakes, or alcohol. I think it’s a perfect combination for a college town! Their cupcakes are wonderful, they make the frosting perfectly! I’m pretty picky when it comes to cupcakes and cakes, and in my opinion Cupcakes on Walnut makes the perfect cupcakes. They also have a pretty amusing calendar that is fun to look at while you wait!

Books on Main

I don’t know why I never went to many used book stores, but for some reason I never frequented them! That’s all going to change now that I found this place! It is my ideal of what a bookstore should be. Small aisles (doesn’t meet any ADA requirements, I’m sure!) and books overflowing everywhere. They even have a cat! They have old postcards and magazines, and of course, books! I’m trying hard to stay away, because I know I would spend all of the money that I don’t have on old books….

Steak and Shake

Imagine a cross between Friendlies and a cheap diner, and you’ll understand what Steak and Shake is. It’s cheap, yummy, and really really bad for you! They have really decent meals for under $4. What more can you ask for?

Library School

I really love being in library school. It’s so interesting, and fun, and completely worthwhile. I was worried that I had made the wrong decision by moving 12 hours away, and sometimes I still think it might not have been for the best, but I really do love school. Three of my four classes are fantastic, and I love everyone I’ve met here. It is so good to feel like I’m part of a community, and to know that these people will be my colleagues! How cool is that!? I have a profession, I have colleagues! Tonight in class we were talking about how librarians are crafty freedom fighters out to protect our civil liberties, and it made me proud to be a future librarian. I don’t know what kind of library I’ll work in, but I am so excited to get a job somewhere and become a real librarian, not just a student!

So that’s about it for tonight! I promise to not be so bad about posting this month! There will be some book reviews, tv reviews, and perhaps some thoughts on libraries?


2 thoughts on “Things I Miss, Things I Like!

  1. Re: there being no hills here, I totally agree!! Everything here is SO flat! I mean you’d think I’d be used to it by now, which I guess I am, but that doesn’t make the terrain any less boring, lol. But when my friend and I drove through Pennsylvania even the smallest hills made our ears pop, it was pretty funny 🙂

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