Hello my name is Emily Stamm, and I like Glee.

Phew, it feels good to admit that! For some reason I never saw Glee as a show that was up my alley, since I’m not really a fan of high school dramas. Now that I’m out of high school (and college!) I usually find shows set in high schools boring, or they bring back high school memories that I prefer to forget! Glee somehow manages to avoid that high schooly feeling.

Glee certainly has its faults, I’m not going to deny that. But it is a fun show, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need! There’s singing, and dancing, and baby drama. There are characters that are fun to hate (Terri) and the ones you just have to root for (Emma). If you’re  not a musical hater and you get bored some afternoon, go check out Glee, and you probably won’t be disappointed!

Sorry for the short post, folks, but I’ve got some Evangelion to watch and some homework assignments to avoid!


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