His Dark Materials

Last week I finished rereading the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. I first read the trilogy in eighth grade, and I must have reread ten times or more since then. It really is one of my favorite book trilogies, and I love everything about it. I have an incredibly clear memory of laying on my bed next to the window and marveling at these books. I think the books you read as a teenager as the ones that really stick with you for the rest of your life, and that really is the case when it comes to His Dark Materials!

For those of you who don’t know, His Dark Materials is a trilogy by Philip Pullman consisting of The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. There has been some controversy over the book for the critical way it portrays the Church and religion. Even during the phases of my life where I considered myself a good Catholic, I was never offended by the books, maybe because I tend to be pretty open minded. I think criticism of the Church is completely justified, especially in light of recent scandals, and having that criticism in the form of a novel is certainly the most entertaining way to be exposed to it!


Probably my favorite part of all three books is the last few chapters of The Amber Spyglass. Whenever I start reading them, I always look forward to getting to the end because I know it’s going to be so incredibly satisfying. I adore sad endings. They’re so much more memorable and moving than when everyone lives happily ever after. It’s hard to get much sadder than when Will and Lyra are forced to part. I cry every time I read it, and as I get older and understand more about love and relationships, it only gets sadder. It is the perfect ending.


A few years ago they made the first book into a movie. My short review is I didn’t like it, to see a longer review go here.

And now for something completely different!

I started this blog mainly as an outlet to talk about books because after reviewing them for 7 years, I really missed it. However, if you take a look at my posts you’ll notice an odd lack of book reviews. Lately I haven’t had nearly as much time as I would have liked to read, and when I do read I’ve been rereading the old, comforting favorites. Hence, the lack of book reviews. Hopefully over the summer that will change! I’m also hoping to resolve all my computer problems and be able to upload pictures here again! My computer and Safari don’t seem to like to cooperate with me, so let’s cross our fingers that that will change!

Some of you may have noticed that I added a new page to my blog! It’s going to be a list of the books I read and the movies I watch. I’ve always wanted to keep a list, so starting May 1 I’ll be keeping it here. I also want to start keeping an official list of books I want to read, and I’m always looking for recommendations! So why don’t you leave a comment with some good book advice?


3 thoughts on “His Dark Materials

  1. If you haven’t read the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and book 4 is yet to be released) you totally should! It is pretty awesome, and the 1st book was published when the author was only 19! Pretty boss. I’ve been re-reading my favorites lately too, it’s just so much easier to do when you have classes and finals and all that jazz. Hopefully when we have real jobs we can read whatever we want! Mwahahahaha 🙂

  2. I read the first one a few years ago, but I don’t really remember it very well… Thanks for the tip! Maybe I’ll have to *gasp* finally get around to getting my library card and check them out!

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