Filling the BSG Gap

Ever since Battlestar Gallactica ended Steve and I have been trying to find something to fill that gap. A daunting task, true. How do you replace a sci fi show that comes with excellent social commentary, complete characters, the fun and excitement of confused identities and robots? So far no luck.

We tried Caprica, and well… that was a miserable failure of a show. The pilot episode that they released last year on dvd had a lot of potential, but after a few episodes it was clear they weren’t going to do anything exciting with the show. Sure, it was nice to see Adama as a kid and get more of an idea of the religious and cultural heritages that BSG touched on, but that was where the appeal ended for me.

The other show we’ve been trying out is Stargate Universe. And honestly… I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It’s predictable, has a severe lack of interesting space battles and characters, and it just doesn’t fill that gap! I’ve never watched any of the other Stargates, so I had no prior knowledge going into the show.  It is enjoyable, and when I found it on tv tonight I got pathetically excited about it. To be fair, my other options were shows about weddings and bad stand up comedy, so I probably would have been excited about anything.

Basically, SGU is about a group of people who end up stranded on an ancient alien spaceship. They have a stargate on the ship, so they can hook up with whatever planets happen to have them. Of course, none of these planets are inhabited by people. Recently they’ve introduced aliens, which led to a rather average space battle. Some of the people on the Destiny (the ship they’re on) are military, others are civilians. They clash, and they get upset a lot about the crappy food and possibility of spending the rest of their lives in space. Oh, and then there’s the bizarre space rocks that allow them to switch bodies with someone on Earth in order to file reports and say their last goodbyes.

Let’s talk about two of the characters.

There’s Dr. Rush aka the less awesome Gaius Baltar. The other characters find him annoying and too smart, and the show doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind if he’s a hero or a villain. And not in the fun way like with the awesome Gaius Baltar. The episode I’m currently watching shows him trying to cope with the loss of his long dead wife while trying to solve the mystery of Destiny. Generally he’s surly and annoying. To make him even more fun, I just found out he was totally the guy from The Full Monty. Oh, the laughter.

and Eli Wallace aka the chubby relatable nerd. Eli is the most likable character on the show, but he’s also a complete stereotype. I feel like SyFy took a look at their average viewer and said “oh, let’s just put him in there. It will make them feel like they’re in the show!” Now, I like Eli. I really do. If he were a real person I would probably be friends with him. And I do really appreciate that they went a little out of the pretty people box and got someone a little overweight. But when you boil it down, he really is only the chubby, relatable nerd.

I’m watching the most recent episode as it airs, so here are some of my thoughts on it. If you don’t care, feel free to stop reading.

Blonde doctor woman is trying to tell Colonel Young that hey, that time he cheated on his wife with her? Yeah, that’s turning into a baby. I guess the SGU writers saw the success of all the baby-drama on Glee and wanted to jump on board.

Some of the characters, 3 or 4 of them I would consider main characters, are trapped on a planet in an underground labyrinth full of giant spiders. Because there are so many of the main characters there I really don’t expect them to kill them off, although it looks like they’re going to leave one of them behind.  Steve made a comment last time they had a similar situation about how he would have so much more respect for the show if they did kill off a main character here or there, and I have to agree.

(One of the characters is having a flashback to building a brick wall. Thanks to Library Buildings I now know that he arranged the bricks correctly! Hooray!)

Ok, this has nothing to do with Stargate… but they the weirdest commercial on and I need to tell you all about it. It’s for a bed/device that helps you sleep better, but in the creepiest way possible. You wear a headband that keeps track of your brainwaves and—-Holy crap, it’s a dinosaur!

Stargate has now introduced dinosaurs into the equation. Well, I was just thinking about how much I wanted to watch Jurassic Park… Sadly, it looks like they decided they didn’t want to take that story line and went on somewhere else, like into more flashbacks and wandering around through random stargates.

Surprisingly, it seems that three of the main characters have been left behind, including relatable Eli. I expect that they’ll get back to the ship somehow, but maybe they’ll surprise us all and start a lovely little three person colony on the dinosaur planet.

There ends my blogging for the night. I hope you all enjoyed (or happily skipped over?) my Stargate musings.


2 thoughts on “Filling the BSG Gap

  1. I have all of stargate. all of it ever. you can borrow any or all of it!
    10 seasons of SG-1 and five of Atlantis. 2 movies (not including the original with Kurt Russell that only half counts).

    But anyway, as a huge fan of the show, I also find SGU kind of annoying. To me it seems like a combination of “Lost” (stranded somewhere strange) and “Star Trek Voyager” (we’re in a ship far from home, let’s make our way back eventually!) to make it “We’re stranded in a strange ship far from home! We’ll find our way back eventually!” The only tolerable characters are Eli, Hot Blond Doctor, and Hot Brunette Dead Senator’s Daughter. Rush i can put up with, along with Col Young, but they’re schism in ideals for the direction of the ship’s running rattles me a little. Also, the dude back on earth that Col. Young used the Communication Stones (those are from season somethingorother of SG1) to trade places with I never liked.

    Anyway, I’m inclined to agree with your post. Mostly 🙂
    Give the rest of the canon a chance, especially SG:A, aa it’s my favorite, because I am in love with Jewel Staite.

    Hope you’re having a good time out there!


  2. Thanks Alex! I do want to give the other series a chance, because I’ve heard such great things about them. I feel like the writers of this one are only going through the motions… They try to be interesting, but then they fail.

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