Conversations with Other Women

Tonight I was in the mood for something that could be labeled “romance” and while browsing the movies available instantly on Netflix I came across this gem. The description on Netflix makes it sound like just another terrible movie about a wedding, but trust me, it is so much more than that.

Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart shine in this movie as “Man” and “Woman.” They strike up a conversation at a wedding, and at first all you know about them is he’s American, she’s British. As the movie goes on their shared history is slowly revealed. They’re both involved with other people but despite that they go to her hotel room.

Ok, so even in that description, it sounds like it could be a terrible movie. But stay with me here! Gabrielle Zevin (writer) and Hans Canosa (director) take what could have been just another movie about a wedding and make it something new, exciting, thrilling and maybe even a little bit heartbreaking. The film is entirely in split screen, something that could have been incredibly annoying but actually works wonderfully. Most of the time you get to see one screen focused on the Man, and one on the Woman. The screens are always at least a little different. Sometimes the actors will do things differently or even say things differently. In many ways it’s like looking at what each of them will remember about the evening. Sometimes one of the screens jumps back into the past to reveal even more about their relationship.

I don’t want to give away anything about the movie–a lot of the thrill of it is learning the pieces of the puzzle of their lives. Trust me though, you want to check this one out!


One thought on “Conversations with Other Women

  1. this movie sounds like something i would like. a romance, but not a conventional one. the initial summary you gave makes me think of before sunrise (and its sequel, before sunset), though i’m sure there are many differences…

    i’ll definitely be on the lookout for that movie. 🙂

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