index, the patience it takes to

After spending the last three days on and off  indexing a book, I have nothing but the utmost respect for professional indexers. It’s a tedious process and it doesn’t leave room for the bsing skills I perfected in my undergrad years! Oh, dear readers, I know you take your indexes for granted! You casually flip to the back of your textbooks and look up the one phrase you know will be on the test without a thought to the person who spent hours and hours working so you could find that phrase! Next time you do that be grateful that there are people out there with more patience than me!

In class we talked about how one of the things indexers try to do is put some humor there… here are some of the examples we talked about for your enjoyment.

Pointed to a conservative –
Al Franken’s book: Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot.
In the Index, for example –
doughnuts, Limbaugh’s
consumption of, 27-32, 112, 123, 127

Pointed to a liberal –
In Key Words (reprinted from Brill’s Content, March, 2001) by Andy Borowitz
(part of an index for Hillary Clinton’s then future memoir) –
commodities markets
studied by Hillary as a child, 4
terrific understanding of by Hillary, 5-6
unfair right-wing scrutiny of Hillary’s profits from, 112
Williams Obstetrics
Index to the 16th edition, 1980, in the C’s –
Chadwick’s sign, 270
Chamberlen forcepts, 1063
Chancroid, 752
Chauvinism, male, voluminous amounts, 1-1102

I guess it’s time to jump back on the indexing wagon… only 40 pages left to go!

PS: If you have a copy of Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You!) I urge you to check out the index.


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