Eight Things…

Today I spent a significant amount of time watching old Vlog Brothers’ videos on YouTube. For those of you who don’t know, the Vlog Brothers consist of Hank and John Green, and they make fun, funny, entertaining and sometimes educational videos. Watching this one got me thinking, what am I grateful for today? Go, watch, then come back.

You watched it? Good. So, what am I thankful for today, Wednesday August 4, 2010? Let me tell you.

Computer Labs

My computer is currently broken. For about two hours this was a huge disaster and I panicked, but then I realized that it wasn’t really that big of a deal. Since I’ve been having so many computer problems I’ve been storing more and more of my homework on gmail, and all my bookmarks are on Delicious, not my computer. I need the internet much more than I need a computer, and thanks to nice things like computer labs, I have the internet. So thanks, University of Illinois GSLIS building, I’m super happy that you have a nice computer lab for me to hang out in for 10 hours today.

Air Conditioning

It is hot here. Really, really hot here. I’m pretty sure Central Illinois in the middle of summer with no ac is one of the most godforsaken things. Last night my friend and I spent some time being old ladies and doing laps around the mall because it was too damn hot to do anything else. I don’t know how people handled the heat before ac, and I am super grateful that I’m going home tomorrow to houses and apartments and other places that are full of air conditioning.

August 5, 2010

THAT’S RIGHT! I’m super grateful for TOMORROW. Because you know what tomorrow is!? Tomorrow is the day I move back to Pennsylvania. Gooooooodbye to the midwest!


And why am I lucky enough that I get to move home despite only being halfway through the program? LEEP! Online education is awesome. I get to live in the comfort of my own state, a mere 45 minutes from my boyfriend and even closer to most of the other people I care a lot about while still attending the number one library school in the country. LEEP, you make me happy.


Indexers are awesome and amazing, and I have so much respect for them. I could not be an indexer. Frankly, this summer was full of more indexing than I’m really comfortable with! But now I can say that I do understand what they do, and why they are important to our society. They are unsung heroes of patience. They sit down and index tons of articles and books and… everything every day, just so we can find things. And why do they have to do this? Because of…


Aboutness is basically what it sounds like–what something is about. And computers, for all the wonderful and amazing things they can do, still can’t figure this out. And I’m pretty grateful for that. I’m excited that we live in a time when computers are so powerful and can help us so much and yet… our brains are still better. A computer may be able to do more math than I can (because I can pretty much only do math at the 5th grade level…) but a computer could not index this blog and you know what? I totally could.


Surprise, surprise, books made the list of things I’m grateful for. I love that despite living in an age where digital media is quickly overtaking every other kind, people are still fighting for normal, physical books. Yes, I’m also excited about e-books and I’m interested to see how society accepts them and how they change us, but despite that I am deeply, deeply in love with real books. I’m grateful that I live in a time and place where I can have a huge collection of books to call my own. And! As of next week my book collection will be reunited under one roof for the first time in years.

Fake Movie Trailers

I love movie trailers in general, but lately it seems like there are so many good fake movie trailers out there and I am super grateful that they exist because they make me laugh. The most recent one to make me giggle?

One thought on “Eight Things…

  1. I am also grateful for ac, and for awesome friends who buy me awesome ice cream when it’s a million degrees outside!!! 🙂 lol. And that Oregon Trail fake trailer totes made me giggle, I watched it the other day. Hilarious! I kind of wish it was real….lol

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