The Suburbs

It really shouldn’t come as any surprise that I love The Arcade Fire. An indie band? From Canada? That has too many members to count? Yeah, I am so there. So when I heard they were coming out with their third album They won my heart when they came out with Neon Bible a few years ago, and then they won my everlasting devotion when I got around to hearing Funeral, their first album. So when I heard they were releasing their third album days before Steve and I were supposed to see them in concert I was overjoyed!

And, dear readers, I am happy to say that they did not disappoint. The Suburbs doesn’t have the same intensity as the previous two albums, but the intensity is still there. And oh, how I love it.

Like I said, Steve and I were lucky enough to see them just a few days after the album was released. Thanks to the internet we had already heard the songs and knew all the words (don’t worry, we bought the physical record and have done our part to financially support them!!) which made the show all the more fun.

The concert was just…breathtaking. I’ve seen some good shows in my day, but this was simply magnificent! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band play with such energy and somehow keep it up throughout the entire show!

Spoon opened for them, which is always a pleasure. This was the fourth time I’ve seen Spoon live (how the heck did that happen!?) and although they’re no longer one of my favorite bands, they haven’t disappointed me with a live performance yet! To my shock and amazement they played a cover of one of my favorite Wolf Parade songs, Modern World.

After that is only got better. I really can’t say enough about how entertaining, moving, and intense The Arcade Fire is to see live. We didn’t really take a lot of video during the concert, but here’s one of them playing Neighborhood #3: Power Out.

I didn’t take a lot of video, but I did take tons and tons of pictures. Most of them are blurry, but here are some of the ones that I think turned out pretty well.

Spoon playing, being amazing as always.

Now begins the Arcade Fire pictures….

I love this picture. I think it really shows just how much energy every single person brought to the stage. Look at them! So crazy.

Look at her go! Regine Chassagne is amazing to watch on stage. I think this picture is from either Haiti or The Sprawl II.

The stage set up was pretty cool. The screen was sort of set up to look like a billboard (such as one you might see in the suburbs…get it!) At one point they projected these creepy ladies on the screen during a song.

Now–go out and find some Arcade Fire songs to listen to! Some of my personal favorites from The Suburbs are Modern Man, Sprawl II, City With No Children and We Used To Wait.


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