Yesterday I spent most of the day working on the last structure (apart from my final project) for my bookbinding class. It was probably the hardest, but also probably my favorite!

The bookbinding cloth my professor sent me wasn’t quite as long as it needed to be so you can see some of the paper there on the spine… but apart from that, I am very pleased with it!


2 thoughts on “Bookbinding

  1. PRETTYFUL!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ That’s the structure I’m using for everyone’s Christmas presents. I am so psyched to actually start sewing them! I almost hate to cover the spine with that structure, though, I like the herringbone pattern the sewing makes. Alas. lol

  2. I know, I was kicking myself for not taking a picture of it while it was still exposed! Where are you getting book cloth?

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