O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Today was a really good day.

Every year we go to Sheerlund Forests and cut down our own tree. It’s always been one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I love that even now that we’re all older we still keep it up! Even if we’re not as enthusiastic as we were as children, it’s still nice to hike out and get the tree, then relax with some of the amazing cookies and hot chocolate that Sheerlund provides!

This year my dad ended up not being able to come, which could have ruined the whole tradition.

But luckily…

… I have an awesome boyfriend who will come out in the freezing cold to chop down a tree for me and my family.

We all had a really good time, as you can see.

Merry Christmas everyone!


One thought on “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

  1. OMG jealous!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to cut down my own Christmas tree!!! This year we just have a fake one at my mom’s, my dad is the one who always gets us a real one but long story short he’s not going to this year, lol.

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