Books, books, books!

For Christmas I made many people books. I’m still working on a few, but here are all the ones that I completed and gave to people!

Kelly’s Book:

My friend Kelly loves to travel and write, and she’s currently stationed in Louisiana with Americorps. For her book I used some lovely paper I had that was covered in travel stamps, a red ribbon, and a map of the southern USA.

Lily’s Book:

My sister Lily just started high school. She’s recently started writing for a local teen paper. I made her book with earthy green paper (you can see some leaves in the paper!) and a map of Pennsylvania. Her book is a bit smaller than the ones I usually make so she can easily carry it around with her.

Maggie’s Book:

I was so excited when I drew my cousin Maggie in our family gift exchange this year! Maggie reminds me a lot of myself when I was ten, what with all the reading and writing, and I was thrilled to get to make her something special. When I was younger her parents would often give me journals as gifts, so it seemed very appropriate to make her one this year! My mom helped me pick out the fun, colorful paper I used to bind her book!

Jessie’s Book:

Jessie’s book was one of the first I made and also one of my favorites. I made her a dos-a-dos and I think it turned out beautifully! She’s a busy senior in high school, so I’m sure she can find plenty of things to fill up both sides of the book!

Mom’s Book:

For my mom’s book I tracked down some old family photos and put them together for her. She’s really into family history, so some of them were very old! Others were from when I was a child. There are plenty of blank pages in the back for her to fill up with other photos or family information she finds. Of all the books I made for Christmas, this one might be my favorite, if only for the content!


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