Reading List

A lot of my reading is haphazard and unplanned. I spend a lot of time shelving books at work, and while that can get tedious, I do love getting to see and handle so many books. I’ll see something that sparks my interest and BAM, it goes into my reading stack.

But lately my brain feels like it’s turning to mush. I’ve been out of school for over a year and I miss serious reading and paper writing and thinking. So tonight I’ve decided to systematically work my way through the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels. I’ve already read 17 on the list but most of those were in high school. I think a revisit to something like Catch 22 would do me good.

This doesn’t mean I’ll give up my haphazard reading, or even my “fluff” reading. I’ve got a big stack of Star Wars books and Doctor Who books to work through (laugh all you want! They are FUN!) and beyond that I’m sure I’ll find more things at the library. This personal challenge is going to be more of a set of guidelines on my literary journey than an exact road map. I want to read as many books on the list as possible in 2012–definitely at least 1 a month. I’ll blog about every one of the books on the list, and probably the ones that aren’t.

So, wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Reading List

    • Are you working your way through any kind of list, or are you just reading the ones you feel are important? I love to hear how people go about it! πŸ™‚

  1. I stumbled across your blog on a random internet procrastination and spotted your review of The Lover’s Dictionary in one of the older posts. I just read it, loved it and blogged about it – I’ve linked to your site in the post, hope that’s ok! Thanks for the discovery.

    Your reading list sounds like a great idea. I’ve only just started blogging because I’m trying to get back into regular reading and wanted to document it. I’m taking a lot of book ideas from blogs and random “best of” lists I find on the internet, as well as just adding some classics I’ve wanted to read for ages but never quite got round to!

    Good luck with your challenge, and glad to read you’re keeping up with the “fluff” – sometimes they’re the best reads πŸ™‚

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