We’re big fans of awesome museums, science, and dinosaurs so we visited The Academy of Natural Sciences again yesterday. It is one of our favorite Philly places so far! It’s always nice to take a few hours and look at dinosaurs, butterflies, exotic animal displays and whatever else the museum has up that day. This time around I had a great time looking at all the tiny details of the dioramas they have the stuffed animals in. The level of detail that they put into creating the background is just incredible, especially when you consider that most people probably pay a lot more attention to the animal than the ground!  They have plants, trees, other little animals… It’s amazing!

The big attraction this weekend was Paleopalooza! There was even more dinosaur related stuff around than usual. The highlight was probably the T-Rex from Field Station: Dinosaurs that hung around outside the museum. It was so much fun to watch it tear through the crowds scaring/entertaining children and adults alike! Steve got a great video of it chasing him down:

Anyway, dinosaurs are pretty awesome, and so is the Academy of Natural Sciences!



5 thoughts on “DINOSAURS!

    • I’m sorry your boyfriend doesn’t share your love of dinosaurs! I think they’re fascinating! I love going to look at fossils and thinking about a)how old they are b) how BIG they are c)THEY WERE ONCE ALIVE! It’s mind blowing to think how much the world has changed since they walked the Earth!

      • Haha exactly.. I don’t know where the fascination comes from, maybe I just never had my dinosaur-fase and I’m making up for it 😛 Seeing a dinosaur is on my bucketlist this year haha, who knows 🙂

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the two of you were living at that museum! Except maybe then the dinosaurs would eat you……..

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