House of Cards

House of Cards

I knew just about nothing about the show going on, only the basics of how it came into existence. I wasn’t completely thrilled when I realized it was a political show. But just as I started getting bored BAM! The show got good. By the end of the first episode I was completely hooked.

I love when Kevin Spacey turns to the camera and talks to us directly. Some of the best lines were delivered that way and it really helped me get into the show/the character. Best line of the pilot? “What I am? A whore in postwar Berlin salivating over free stockings and chocolate?” It was a great line, delivered brilliantly.

I love Zoe, the young newspaper girl. In some ways she feels completely constructed to appeal to someone like me. She’s young and inexperienced. She’s struggling to get ahead in her career. She coughs when she tries to drink scotch. But I still love her and I’m excited to see where her story goes. Will she manage to ride the wave of power? Will she realize she’s being used by Kevin Spacey’s character?

I know this show was designed in every detail to appeal to people like me, and to keep me watching. Sometimes I feel like all I read about is the “Big Data” debate. See the article for more information. It’s part of the reason I started watching. But honestly, as long as the show is good I don’t think I care how they made it. They’re going to be recording data about me–in this day and age I don’t expect privacy. I’m just glad they’re using it for good.

Now excuse me, I need to continue my House of Cards marathon.


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