So, this week was interesting. I started a new job and there were a few days when it was challenging to find the time and energy to write. I think it’s going to take a little bit of time for my to regain a good balance between writing, work, and other things I have to do. I did a pretty good job of sticking to it. I blogged, worked on short stories and…stalled out a little on my novel.

It is REALLY hard to get back into writing a book after a year and a half break. I feel like every time I get into the flow I start second guessing myself, or I get too afraid to go on. I start browsing the internet for something else to do. Or, like today, I come here to tell you all how much I’m struggling with this. I open up the document, start reading what I wrote last time and I freeze up.

I’ve been trying to spend at least twenty minutes a day working on my book. Lani and Alastair over at Story Wonk call it Novel Engage and I think it’s a great way to stay in touch with your story.

I know I can push past this. I’m determined to push past it. I WILL push past this!


3 thoughts on “Noveling

  1. If it helps you at all, you’re not alone. Many writers — even those who have already published multiple books — are filled with doubt and “second-guessing” when they sit down to write a new story.

    Persevere. Really, unless you write SOMETHING down, even if it’s total crap, you can’t edit it to perfection later on. Plus it will make you feel productive 🙂

    Best wishes!

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