Remember about a month ago when I was feeling stuck with my novel? I’m excited to say that I did finally push past it! I’m not sure what finally did it, but now I’m at a point where I’m writing multiple chapters a week.

I have four and a half chapters left.


I will probably finish this week, which is an idea that thrills and terrifies me. I’ve started writing many novels, I’ve even “finished” a few of them, but never in such a complete way. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ll still have plenty of work to do even after I type “The End.” There’s a lot I’ll need to fix, a lot I’ll need to add, and a lot I’ll need to delete. There are characters who say one thing in chapter ten only to completely contradict themselves in chapter eleven. I have a lot of work to do before it’s the book I want it to be.

But finishing this draft is the first step.

Time to go make it only four chapters left to write…

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Progress

    • In about two months after some rewrites and touchups I’m going to ask for “first readers” on facebook! I’ll amke sure to let you know when that happens! 🙂

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