Really Netflix? This is what you’re giving me?

Netflix tried to put together True Blood, The Killing, Twin Peaks with a pinch of Twilight and another pinch of Gossip Girl. It didn’t work out well for them.

I was really prepared to love Hemlock Grove. I was even prepared to dislike it only for the gore, which I sometimes have problems with. I watched all thirteen episodes–that’s how much I wanted to love this show.

But I don’t love it. It was laughably bad. It was a mess. There were times where it felt like it was written by a sixteen year old. The acting wasn’t great, but a lot of their problems went back to the writing. It can’t be easy to deliver poorly written lines convincingly  and I’ve seen enough of these actors in other things to know they CAN be good.

So that’s the bad. The good? It was fun to watch. Steve and I spent all day yesterday snuggled up on the couch making fun of this show and trying to figure out what it was trying to do. It was fun to try and figure out what random disjointed phrases the writers would put together next. Another fun game was trying to catch all the times one character’s tattoo switched arms.

If they were trying to make a show for people like us to mock, I applaud them. If that was their goal, they did a great job.

Spoiler time! If you don’t want a spoiler go find another blog to read! 




Okay, they’re gone?


Part of the reason we stuck around for so long is that we really wanted Roman and Olivia to be something new and interesting. I thought she much be a succubus. Or even just a witch! There were all kinds of hints that they might be something other than vampires, including the whole part where they don’t follow any part of vampire lore. At all. Even a little bit.


This show started out with a lot of interesting questions and premises, even if some of them were a little heavy handed. Shelley, anyone?

This feels like a show that could have been awesome. I’ve heard that the book is pretty great. So what went wrong here? How did so many people get it wrong?

Any thoughts on this show?





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