Today I started the very intimidating process of writing Draft Two! I rewrote all of chapter one, and I’m already much happier with it. Previously my chapter one had just been a big info-dump. My new chapter one still has a lot of information, but it feels more natural now (I hope).

Here’s my game plan.

I should probably read through the entire book before I rewrite every chapter, but I’ve found that I just get too excited about the changes I want to make! So I’m going to edit the book in chunks of three chapters. I’m going to read all three chapters, then work on edits for them. My goal is to do one chunk (three chapters) a week. On that schedule, I should be done with Draft Two in a little over two months! I’m going to be moving at the end of July, and I’m really hoping that I can have this done and out to my first readers before that happens.

Wish me luck!


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