The End (again)

Remember how I said I wanted to finish my edits by the end of July? Well, I did it! I’ve worked my ass off for the past week to do it, but it’s done. I’m proud, excited, sad, and tired. In some ways it was a lot harder than writing the first draft, in other ways easier.

I’ve checked a few different word count tools online, and they say my book is anywhere from 83,000 words to 90,000 words. My guess is that it’s close to 86,000.

I’m going to send it off to my first three readers tomorrow, and as long as they don’t think it’s the most terrible book ever written I’ll send it out to a few more people soon. I’m hoping to be editing again in the Fall. Until then I have outlines for my next few books to work on, and plenty of short story ideas to keep my occupied!

Time for a rest.


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