Something is better than nothing

Despite the chaos and stress that comes with being in the middle of moving, I’m still managing to get a decent amount of writing done. I feel like it might be my brain’s way of keeping me from going completely nuts. Instead of freaking out about how much is left to pack and how hazy the future is, I can work towards something that feels attainable and substantial. I don’t know where or when I’ll get a job. I don’t know where or when we’ll be moving again. I don’t know what will happen, but I do know that I can keep working at my goals. Maybe I’ll never get a full time job in a library, maybe I’ll never get my book published, but if I focus on that I’ll never do anything. My motto for the past few years has been that something is better than nothing. A part time job is better than no job, and writing a sentence is better than writing nothing. Any act, no matter how small, counts for something.

So I write pieces of stories, outlines for books, and blog posts. Maybe it will come to nothing, but it makes me feel just a little bit better.




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