The Hidden Past

This week I’m trying the Trifecta Challenge. This week the challenge is to write a story between 33-333 words using the third definition of grasp.

GRASP (verb)

: to take or seize eagerly
: to clasp or embrace especially with the fingers or arms
The Hidden Past
My mind drifted as I thumbed through the box of papers. I glanced at each of them, making sure they were in the correct place. Sometimes I felt like I had the most boring job in the office. People were often impressed when they heard I worked in the museum archives, but what I did was nothing special. My coworkers would be restoring old books, processing collections of never before seen letters, cataloging photographs–but not me. I was stuck with the numbers.

My fingers brushed against something unexpected–a notebook. It was small, and clearly older than the rest of the records in the box. I brushed dirt off the soft leather cover as I opened it.

It wasn’t filled with numbers. It looked more like a diary than a ledger. “April 4, 1906,” the small cramped handwriting read, “The dig continues on as expected. We’ve found six burial chambers so far, and I believe we’re well on our way to finding more of the town. But all of that will be recorded in the official field notebooks…

“H. continues to drive me mad. He constantly undermines me, telling the local workers that he is the project director. Yesterday he told them they could have the day off, knowing full well that I needed the help!”

I read on, hardly believing what I had found. The pages were full of field gossip and personal reflections, exactly the sort of thing I had hoped to find when I applied for the job over a year before.

Suddenly, I stopped reading, trying to grasp what the words on the page said. Goosebumps raced across my skin. “I shouldn’t write this down, but I need to tell someone. I’ve killed him. I didn’t mean to, but the deed is done. I’ve buried the body near the dig site. Lord help me if it is ever found.”



5 thoughts on “The Hidden Past

    • Thanks! When I worked in the archives my favorite thing to do was look at old letters and notebooks. I never found anything this dramatic, but it was still great to read them!

  1. Now I have this urge to go rooting through old places in search of lost history. Who knows what has gone unnoticed in forgotten places?
    Thank you very much for linking up. Please remember to return to vote!

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