Still Here

beach 087

It’s been quite the two weeks. I moved and went on vacation and… well, I guess that’s it. But seriously, those are two really time-consuming things!

The move went as well as could be expected. Thanks to my amazing family and friends it wasn’t quite the disaster I was expecting, but when is moving ever exactly easy? For days afterward I was drained and lazy.

Vacation was exactly what I needed. I read book after book, ate more delicious food than I should have, and recharged my batteries. I’ve been going on the same vacation a few times a year for my entire life. The people change, and maybe we’ll do things in a different order, but mostly it’s the same. We go the same places, go through the same routines. Maybe for some people it would be boring, but for me it’s incredibly satisfying and peaceful. It’s comforting to stand on the same boardwalk I’ve been going to for 25 years and think that I’ve done this every year, and every year I’ve had different problems, but by the next year they hardly matter. In the larger pictures of my life, this one year doesn’t matter.

The tide comes in, the tide goes out.

Now that I’m back, I’m ready to make a fresh start. I let everything slack this past month, but now it’s time to get back to work! Today I started eating healthy and exercising again, and let me tell you, that month off did not do my any favors! I’ve gained back weight and exercising was a real challenge. I’m excited to push myself, and hopefully see progress.

It’s also time to push myself back into writing. I’m hoping to have the outline for Book 2 finished in a few weeks, and I’ve got a number of other small projects that I’m working on.

It’s good to be back!


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