The Monster in the Garden

Time for another Trifecta Challenge! Here’s the prompt: Thirty years ago, Roald Dahl published the book Dirty Beasts, a collection of poems for children about weird and wonderful animals. The last poem, however, is called The Tummy Beast about a boy who thinks there’s someone living in his belly. Your Trifextra challenge is to write 33 words on a beast in an unusual place. No swamps or forests or caves, we really want you to take your beast out of its comfort zone.
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Here’s my little story!

The Monster in the Garden

You drew your monster with horns, scales, giant teeth.

“He plays with the tulips and caterpillars,” you said.

“Not a very scary monster.” I said.

“Ugly doesn’t mean bad.” You rolled your eyes.



After a lot of thought, I’ve decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year. I know, I know, it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for months. I’m totally prepared, I have an outline…

But I think it would be too much. I don’t think I can work 2 jobs, deal with the miscellaneous craziness in my life, diet, AND do NaNo. I know myself well enough to realize that I can only do so much before breaking down, and my plate is already very full.

I’m still going to challenge myself in November–and I’m not totally giving up on writing! Far from it!  I’ve decided that instead of NaNo I’m going to challenge myself to finish draft 3 of my book. It’s 31 chapters long and there are 30 days in November, so it feels very doable even with my crazy schedule, holidays, anniversaries, etc.

Good luck to everyone going for NaNoWriMo this year–hopefully next year I’ll be in a position to join you again!

I will never run out of books

My latest article for io9 about the most prolific sci fi/fantasy writers is up! Check it out here:

I had a lot of fun working on this one. It is incredibly humbling to look out there at the history of sf/f and see how many great writers there are that I have never heard of, let alone read! I’ve been brushing up on my classics by checking out some Heinlein, McCaffrey, and Bradbury from the library, but I know that I will never catch up! There’s always going to be one more amazing book I want to read–and while in some ways that’s sad, in others it’s pretty cool.

It’s also amazing to realize how much some of these authors were able to write in their lifetimes. Asimov published in 9 of the 10 Dewey Categories!? That more than any other fact blew my mind. It doesn’t seem possible (and why didn’t he just go for the 10th…?)

All of this talking about writing makes me want to write. Off I go!

We live in the future


Time for another Trifecta Challenge! 

This week’s word is:


1. (noun): any of several hardy gregarious African or Asian perissodactyl mammals (genus Equus) smaller than the horse and having long ears; especially : an African mammal (E. asinus) that is the ancestor of the donkey

2.  (noun):
a. often vulgar : buttocks —often used in emphatic reference to a specific person <get your ass over here> <saved my ass>
b. often vulgar : anus

3. (adverb/adjective) often vulgar—often used as a postpositive intensive especially with words of derogatory implication

Without further ado, my story!

The Mundanity of Technology

He slammed the door, just a little, when he came in from work. I stayed quiet, knowing it would pass. After a quick kiss he programmed our dinner into the replicator

“How was your day?” I asked.

“Fine, fine.”

“Another traffic jam?”

“I thought once those fancy-ass new trains were up it would get better,” he grumbled. “But nope, Ford had to release those goddamn flying cars at the same time. Now the commute is worse than ever. It took me almost an hour! An hour!” I felt a rush of gratitude for my own job as I let him rant. I worked from home and I hadn’t ventured onto the highway during rush hour in years. “I’m sorry,” he finished just as our food was done. “I’m just tired.”

“I know. Let’s just relax tonight, forget about the housework. You can put the autovacuum back together tomorrow.”

We ate quickly, then spent a few hours cuddling on the couch watching our favorite shows. Just another night in.



Sometimes I take for granted how awesome it is that we live in a time so full of amazing technology. I can play games on a 3D tv. I can check the weather with a tiny computer in my hand. I can talk and see family members hundreds of miles away. We long for flying cars, but I’m sure if we ever get them they’ll just be one more thing to complain about.