2014 Here I Come!

Looks like we’ve made it to 2014! 2013 was a mixed bag for me, and I can’t say that I’m sad to see it gone. I’m excited and hopeful about the future.


Lily, me, and Frankie celebrating our weirdness along with the holidays! 

I finished up the year with a surprisingly great Christmas and New Years. I got to spend my favorite holiday (Christmas Eve) with my wonderfully weird family (illustrated above) and I even managed to squeeze in some time with my best friends in the little town of Bethlehem!


Two of my favorite people! Oh, and me. 


Here is a brief run-down of my two big goals for the year.


This year I want to write more. I’ve been doing my usual over at io9.com, and I’m still plugging away at perfecting my novel, but I miss the creative process of drafting. It’s been too long since I’ve sat down with a blank documents and just went for it. I also want to start Book 2 of the Cooper Sisters trilogy this year. Considering I’ve got most of it outlined, I should be able to start that soon! Hopefully I’ll also be able to keep this blog updated…

…Who am I kidding, posts will be as sporadic as ever! Sorry readers.


Since we moved in August I have completely let my focus on healthy eating and exercise slip. I haven’t been on a walk in weeks and my diet for the past month has included way too much bread, cheese, and cookies. My day job at Chocolate World (where I have access to SO MUCH CHOCOLATE) hasn’t helped with my stress eating. It’s time to take back control of my body!