The most sporatically updated blog in the world!

Once again, my life has taken a new direction. We moved, we got a cat, I’m job hunting again. While I hope that one of the many resume I’ve sent out will hit the right person at the right time, I’m playing housewife/writer/full time cat caretaker. Here’s a picture of the little furball:


Part of this unemployment thing is having lots of time to write, which is wonderful. I’m working on a new science fiction novel, writing lots of short stories, and I’ve even broken out of my usual sff comfort zone to try writing a romance novella. After months of working multiple jobs and having zero time to write at all, it’s strange and wonderful to have unlimited free time. Hopefully I’ll find library work again sooner rather than later, but in the meantime I’m going to write up a storm and read, read read. I’ll be reviewing books here again soon–so watch out for that!

See ya around, readers. Hopefully it won’t be another handful of months before I check in again!


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