Some weeks

Some weeks, the words flow, the chapters seem to write themselves, and submitting my work feels effortless. Some weeks I have no trouble feeling like a writer. 

Some weeks, but not this week. 

This week every word felt like walking through water, pulling teeth, and any other cliche you can pull out of your hat. I got some rejections, which certainly didn’t boost my confidence. No matter how much I expect it, or how many times it happens, it’s still difficult. 

I didn’t finish any stories, or make any remarkable progress on the bigger projects I’m working on, but I did get some things done. I did some outlining, lots of thinking about plots and ideas, and I bought a new notebook. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that something is better than nothing. There’s a new week right around the corner. Maybe it won’t be one of the easy, productive weeks. Maybe it will be another difficult week. No matter what the weeks brings, I’m going to keep working. I’m going to make progress. I’m going to write. 

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