Rest in Peace

Today the world lost the great Terry Pratchett. Other people can do a better job of explaining why he was one of the best writers, but I want to talk a little about what he meant to me.

When I was in high school I was a bit of a weirdo. You read this blog, you know that I still am, but back then I wasn’t as comfortable with it. I still felt hurt about not fitting in. Like many high school nerds, I devoured books. I would go to the bookstore and blindly buy books that looked interesting. On one of those trips I found Terry Pratchett.

I wish I could remember which book I read first, or which one was the one that really hooked me. I know within a few weeks I had bought as many as I could and as soon as I finished reading what I had, I would reread them. They were funny, interesting, and they were just so perfect. I knew a few other people who read them, and soon I didn’t feel quite so much like the only weirdo in the school.

Since high school I’ve dragged at least part of my Pratchett collection with me everywhere I’ve gone. They are my comfort books, the books that help me understand this crazy, too often sad, world we live in. Terry Pratchett helped me laugh at the ridiculous. When I haven’t been able to sleep because the world or my life was just too much, Terry Pratchett was there. Without Vimes, Granny Weatherwax, Susan, Death, and the huge cast of unforgettable characters that he created I would not be the person I am today.

Like so many others, I’m sad to see Terry Pratchett go. I’m sad that he died so young, and that we’ll never get to read another of his stories. I feel so lucky that he left behind such a wonderful legacy of books. He will live on through his characters, and through the millions of people who will continue to discover his books.

Goodbye Terry. You will be missed.


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