Too excited about Fury Road to write a proper review

My twitter feed, facebook, and all of the websites I love have been exploding over their love of Mad Max: Fury Road since it came out 2 weeks ago. Last night I finally got a chance to see it and guys… you were all right. So very, very right. This is an amazing movie. I want more of this, and more like this.

I don’t always love action movies. I get tired of the blood and fire and death and rape that fill up the screen. I hate when things are shown just for shock value. Fury Road still had plenty of gore, but it didn’t feel as awful or shocking as other movies. The action scenes were so deliberate, almost like a ballet. And most excitingly, the action scenes were full of kickass women.

There are so many things to love about this movie. The wide variety of amazing women, the visual spectacle, the crazy guy with the guitar, the worldbuilding. I love the woman who plants seeds, both plant seeds and anti-seeds, or bullets. I love that they never once point out Furiosa’s missing arm. It’s simply a part of who she is, and it never prevents her from driving her truck, defending herself or her friends. I love that Max never takes over or tries to lead the group. This is her story, he’s just helping.

There’s so much here to talk about, and I’m so excited about it. This is what I want from movies I watch and stories I read. Read some of the articles below for more eloquent discussion of how fantastic this movie is, and why you should see it a million times.

Sleeps with Monsters:

Kameron Hurley:

Vanity Fair:

Slash Film:


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