Three Things Making Me Happy

I’ve had a pretty wonderful couple of days.

First, I saw Mad Max: Fury Road. Like I discussed last week, it was a wonderful movie. After years of male-driven action films it was a revelation to see a group of women of various ages working together for the common goal of “we are not things.” I know it isn’t actually a response to the Sansa Stark storyline in this season of Game of Thrones, but in so many ways it felt like one. Here is how you tell a story about rape without exploiting anyone, and without showing the act itself. This is the kind of story I’ve been asking for. I hope that the extremely positive reaction to this movie means we’ll get more like it. I hope I’ll get to see more movies where it doesn’t even occur to me to try the Bechdel Test. I feel like jumping up and down and pointing at this movie screaming “this this this!” until they make more like it. I feel like we’ve been settling for good enough, but now that I’ve seen great I don’t want to go back.

So I was already feeling pretty great when my Offbeat Home article went up on Friday morning. I was a little nervous about it–body image is something I feel passionately about, but don’t often talk about, especially with family and strangers. I was completely blown away by the reaction. So many people, particularly family members I hadn’t even considered would read it, have told me how much they related to it. I’m touched that anyone even read my piece, let alone felt moved by it!

Beyond that, it feels very special to me to have had articles published on Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Home. I’ve been reading the Offbeat sites for years, and I’m not exaggerating when I say they’ve helped me become a better, happier person. The Offbeat Empire showed me that leading a “different” kind of life from everyone else was more than just okay, it was desirable. I’m probably more “offbeat-lite” than completely offbeat, and I probably won’t ever dye my armpit hair or take a band on tour with a small child, but I love knowing that other people do these things.

To top it all off, I started reading Kate Elliot’s marvelous Spiritwalker series. Even more than MMFR, this is what I want from fiction. Alternate history of 1800s Europe? Yes please! Strong, complex characters (especially women!) Yes please! People of different cultures and races come together in interesting ways? WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS SOONER!? I’ve been following Kate Elliot on Twitter for years, and I feel like her books have always been in my “to-read” pile. I’m so glad I finally picked this up, and I’ll probably have a longer review once I read the rest of the series.

So many things to be happy about today! I feel like this is a start to a good, productive week.


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