Why do we have to share?

I am angry.

I’m angry about a lot of things.

Today, I am angry at the treasury, and at all the people who keep telling us that women aren’t good enough. We aren’t good enough to work in science. We aren’t  good enough for equal pay for equal work. And now we aren’t good enough to have a woman on one piece of United States currency.

In the last few months, the Women on 20s campaign worked to build support to put a woman on the 20. Thousands of people voted, and we picked Harriet Tubman. They took our signatures and suggestions to Washington, and everything was quiet for a while. It was quiet, but I was hopeful. The people at spoken! We wanted Tubman on our 20! It was time for a change!

Look at what we could have had!

Instead, the Treasury announced their own campaign for #thenew10. Instead of Tubman replacing Jackson (who hated paper currency and shouldn’t be on there in the first place) on the 20, we will get a yet unpicked woman on the ten. Oh, and she gets to share it with Hamilton. What, did we silly women REALLY think we could have one bill with only a woman’s face on it?

Their decision is incredibly insulting. I understand that designing a new bill isn’t as easy as sketching up some ideas and sending it to the printers. It’s a complicated process, and I respect that. I even understand that you have to go in order. I’m willing to make compromises, and if you can only give us the 10 for 2020, I’ll take it.

But why the hell do we have to share.

I’m not a historian, so I can’t tell you the full history of American currency. Maybe it used to be common for two people to share the spot on the bill (although a quick google search tells me no, that was not common.) Maybe they don’t mean this as an insult. Maybe they don’t mean to throw out the hard work, dreams, and desires of all of the people who worked, supported, and voted in the Women on 20s campaign. Maybe they aren’t saying that a woman isn’t good enough to stand alone on a piece of money.

But that’s sure how it feels to me. And I am very angry, and very disappointed.


One thought on “Why do we have to share?

  1. This has made me so mad!! In the UK all our money has the Queen’s face on it so we get our fair share of women, but when she goes (I’ll be sobbing) our coins/notes will go back to being dominated by men.

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