Flaring back to life 

After almost a year without writing, I feel like a faucet has turned on in my brain. Something has clicked and my writing brain is back! I’ve completed about 4 short fiction pieces, started a few more, submitted everything I had, and I’m slowly starting to sink back into my novel.

I can do this. I can balance work, writing, family, and illness. At the very least, I can keep trying. 

Hopefully I’ll soon have some good news about more stories. In the meantime, anyone know of any publications looking for stories? Or anyone looking to be a beta reader? I’d love another pair of eyes.


Found: Friend Fiction

While going through my google drive folder of short stories the other day, I found this delightful gem. It was intended to be a longer piece as a gift to a friend (Kelly, the main character) for her birthday a few years ago. It never got finished, but I’m pleased enough with this uncompleted snippet to share it here.

Cat to the Future

It started like any other day. Wake up, breakfast, hurry to work. Kelly went through the motions, not noticing the orange tabby cat following her on the street.

The cat, however, noticed Kelly. He was fascinated by her youth, and her ignorance of things to come. Later, when the the cat was much younger, she would be almost unrecognizable as the same person.

He followed her all day, knowing that he would recognize the moment to reveal himself when it came. He watched through her window while she worked, noting with interest all of the things that she had never told him. The jokes she told, the objects she surrounded herself with. Some of it was the normal, period appropriate things he expected. Other things puzzled him, like the drawer full of potatoes. Who potatoes? Why so many? He might never know the answer.

As the sky grew dark and Kelly remained at the office, he knew the time to show himself was coming. The lights went out in the building, one by one, and then he saw her crossing the parking lot. He posed in the streetlight, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to resist stopping to pet him.

“Hello there, where do you belong?” She leaned down to see if he had a collar (he did not. He would never have succombed to that indignity.) “Aren’t you a handsome one?”

“While I do adore listening to allocutions on my physical beauty, there are much more important issues at hand.” Kelly jumped back, into the darkness. He chucked a little to himself. He had never seen her speechless before. He gathered all of his feline dignity and arched is furry neck. “Kelly Crowe, I am Benedict CumberCat, and I am from the future.”

“Wait, what?” Her laughter echoed over the empty parking lot. “A talking cat from the future and your name is Benedict CumberCat? Oh my God, yes.”

“You are the one that graced me with the name, lady.” His tail was starting to puff up. He should have expected this, knowing her. She would laugh at him, in this, the most important moment of his life. “Usually you just call me Cat.”

Her laughed died down and he felt her confusion return. “What do you mean I named you? How does that work?”

“Far into your future you’ll adopt me, raise me, and teach me the ways of the time travelers. I, in turn, am here to teach you.”

I’m working on this whole being a person thing. It’s harder than other people make it look. There’s so much I want to do! Read, write, work, help cats and children, have a good relationship with my husband, have friends, have a clean home… 

It would be hard enough to balance all of that, but on top of it I’m dealing with getting my anxiety disorder under control and stopping my endometriosis from getting worse. 

Lately my anxiety has been more than a little out of control. I’m not sure if it’s the worst I’ve ever experienced, but it’s not good. I’m not going to let it win. I’ll come out of this stronger and better… Me, my doctors, and my wonderful husband will make sure of that. (Side note, I’m so very lucky to have a supportive partner and have access to decent medical care.) 

This is just a rambley post to get me back in the habit. I’ve barely written since stating my full time job last August, and I miss is immensely. I need to carve out the time for blogging and stories, even if it currently feels impossible. 

Just to keep this from being too much of a downer post, here’s a picture of the kittens we are fostering. It’s something we’ve been thinking about doing in the future, and it came up that these little ones needed a place to stay! I’m hoping to do a lot more of it once we’re in a house we own!